A horrible hack

Throat Sprockets

Methadone Picnic

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Cat Sandwich Records
Reviewed by MH on Oct 31, 2012
This band is named after an erotic horror novel in which the protagonist develops an unhealthy obsession with women's throats. I know very little about the band themselves - the internet wasn't able to help me out much and the CD never made its way to my house having got lost in the post. This is some highly quirky indie – perhaps a touch experimental. The first song and title track is off-kilter and very odd – it has something theatrical and larger than life about it and every song on here is like that although they all sound different. There are boy-girl vocals across the album which work well together. “The Cop” is perhaps the most unusual track here – there are experimental noises at the start, some psychedelic sounds, a saxophone solo, a rocky guitar solo and also some rather tuneful singing. Actually, scratch that – “Vivesexual” is even more offbeat – the lyrics narrate 2 people meeting across a dancefloor and the story gets darker as the song moves along. It’s very odd and quirky all round so picking the oddest song is a fruitless task. I can imagine it being used as music on a bizarre fantasy musical in the theatre. They win my award for the oddest, quirkiest piece of music I have been sent for review. My favourite lyric on here is, "They said I was a monster and they said that I was mean" on the track "Undecided".

Also at the time of writing they have 99 likes on Facebook – will they make it to that elusive 100?!

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