A horrible hack

Troubled Sleep

Wacky Past Is Now

Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Puzzle Pieces Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 12, 2012
No idea how I overlooked or missed out on this as it fits so many bills that I have that I am feeling positively rich. Four songs on this single of moody, downbeat indie rock that hints firmly at the 1990s in a similar way to Football, etc but is perhaps slightly more intricate than that band. They could share a split 10” with them very nicely as they have plenty in common. Getting hints of things like Velocity Girl too, which I’ve picked up from a couple of newer bands lately, and I’m not complaining you know. The music sways and ponders, without meandering aimlessly. Could have done without the bit on “There it Go” with the whistling mind you.

Folk here have apparently also done time with End of a Year and Bridge and Tunnel which makes plenty of sense in terms of both the sound and how they have made such an accomplished start to life as a band. This is a fine single and I am hopeful that at some point there will be a killer LP that develops their sound even further.

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