A horrible hack

Big Dick


Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Dirt Cult
Reviewed by MH on Mar 11, 2013
This band comes from Ottawa, Ontario. I've not spent too much time looking into information on them for fear of what will come up if I search them on the internet. Anyway, according to the blurb, they are named after the Nomeansno song rather than anything else more suspicious. This is some raucous and shouty post punk/post hardcore combined with noise rock which also delves into some heavy indie rock territory at times - so, er, yeah..a load of styles across the album. It turns out that they are a duo although it sounds like there are about twelve of them. It's only bass and drums too but you get some big angular riffs on that bass. The opener is a bolshy rocker and second song "Witchcraft" is a big lurching tune. That indie rock that I mention surfaces on "Schoolyard Violence" which almost sounds like Meneguar gone a bit violent. It's all pretty powerful though. The noisier songs with the prominent and driving bass are pretty meaty and really grab my attention. "Colours" for a start is a hefty tune with its more frantic vocals and rowdy rhythm section. The melodic "Antisocial" is more melodic and another highlight but the noisier side of Big Dick dominates and closing track "Too Hot To Trot" brings things to a noisy conclusion. Yeah, I like it - I just won't ever be wearing one of their t-shirts.

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