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I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I Left

Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Dog Knights
Reviewed by James Williams on Apr 6, 2013
Iím not gonna lie, Iím full of admiration for what Darren has done with Dog Knights Productions over the last couple of years. Constantly releasing great music, packaged really well. This leads me onto one of Dog Knights latest releases, this 7Ē from Stockholmís Disembarked. I didnít know too much about the band until I received the press release, which compared them to Pianos Become The Teeth. In a nutshell, Disembarked play screamo with plenty of great indie-style, clean guitar. Itís that balance between raw emotion and intricate instrumentation that seems to shine though in screamo like this, that first attracted me to the genre and this 7Ē is no different. Abscond hits you with the immediacy of the vocals and calms you with some epic musicianship. Unwanted But Chosed Pt.I and Pillars Pt.II are both relatively short songs, but flow into one another effortlessly and Disembarked donít overplay. The problem I find with 7Ēs though is that they can be too short. Granted, they are used as a showcase of a bandís talents prior to a full length, but you just want them to go on and on. Disembarked seem to have got the formula right here though. They put five songs on here in total, so it feels more like a proper EP. From the more immediate screamo of those first three songs, fourth song Bewildered takes things in a slightly different direction, allowing Disembarked to expand their sound and make it grander. Flags of Our Fathers ends the 7Ē in a frantic yet controlled manner. I really liked it. Another win for Dog Knights and another band for you to play the hell out of on your turntable.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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