A horrible hack

Fourteen Nights At Sea

Great North

Year Released: 2013
Format: Download
Label: Hobbledehoy
Reviewed by MH on Apr 28, 2013
Some post rock here from Melbourne and the second album from Fourteen Nights At Sea who are new to me. I don't consider myself a huge connoisseur of post rock and have only really scratched the surface in terms of the amount of bands I have listened to playing this type of music. However, this stands up to the best of the ones I have heard. It's quite haunting and eerie at times and the loud vs. quiet moments that are so frequently part of this type of music are rarely at play here although closing track "Ghost" does open with a wall of noise before drifting off into some twinkly moments and on to a fading climax. The pace of the album is slow and the mood is gloomy - it maintains this throughout. There are shades of Mono in the guitar sound and shimmering bleakness on show here, and This Will Destroy You, who they have recently toured with in Australia, are another good match. As suggested by the cover art, this is music for cold, bleak times and befitting of the cold winter which has been dragging on in England this year.

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