A horrible hack

Political Asylum


Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage - Passing Bells
Reviewed by Edward Ling on Apr 30, 2013
Another Boss Tuneage retro release from the late 80s – this time a reissue of a mini-LP and live recording by (as the name suggests) a band that wore their politics on their sleeves. For for a band so overtly radical the sound is however unexpectedly easy listening and really quite middle of the road – there are hints of both Rush and even Iron Maiden here. Musically, it’s all very accomplished, and production values are particularly high on the mini-LP section. There’s also no doubting the proud Scottish-ness of all this either from the vocals. Lyrically, this is protest song fare - getting towards (a less reflective) Billy Bragg, and charting the concerns of the era: nuclear disarmament, war and mass displacement in the Middle East, growing social and economic inequality at home. The punchline here is obvious. So I shall resist.

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