A horrible hack

Baxter Stockman


Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Kult Of Nihilow - Ektro
Reviewed by Alex Deller on May 2, 2013
Grotty noise rock scuzz is the order of the day here, the band's seedily-titled 'Punter' a grim tour of the kind of darkened alleyways you'd normally be better off avoiding. Musically things are interesting, favouring a lithe, trebly sound that dispenses with the heft of their peers and jabs you repeatedly in the neck rather than just stamping once hard on your face. The guitar parts crawl and lurk, reminiscent of the Jesus Lizard or some of the snakier, more aggro moments presented by bands like Crain, Rodan or the Shipping News while anchorage is provided by glutinous lumps of bass gloop that slide and slump ominously in the background. The singer often the pivotal point for any convincing noise rock act sounds typically bonkers, offering a lot of huffing and slobber-chinned jabbering not too far removed from Black Christmas' nuisance phonecalls and rounding out another reliably grand release from these two wonderful labels.

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