A horrible hack


Dobrodosli Na Okean

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: MoonLee
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on May 13, 2013
Serbian riff fest. The press release suggests bands such as Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Mudhoney, and Fugazi. That tells you everything you need to know. There are parts that do sound a bit like Fugazi, but more like Fu Manchu covering Fugazi, drenched with a great deal of fuzz. It's nice and short, which is a positive with any band if you ask me, I struggle with anything longer than 40 minutes.

The lyrics are all in Serbian, which sounds good, it makes for a nice singing language for hard rocking (although there is a song 'Lake Zabava' where it sounded a bit like Rammstein), same as Japanese does for bands that sound like Gauge Means Nothing. Of course that means they could be singing about horrible things. But lets hope not. I've never heard any other Serbian bands beyond Euro-vision (are they even in Euro-vision ((they must be - it's the best thing ever)) which makes it quite the treat.

If you'd like Fu Manchu with a post hardcore twinge then you are in for a treat, this is good stuff, I'm no hard rock mega fan but as this veers more towards the punk/rock n roll side of hard rocking, it's way more down my alley. A thumb up.

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