A horrible hack

Tutner Schimana

Dope Beat Rosengarten

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Chmafu Nocords
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Jun 8, 2013
Experimental Techno? But slow techno? This isn't my department or Collective Zines I fear. Is this good compared to other techno? I haven't got a fucking clue,but it was weirdly relaxing apart from the really high pitched noise that beeps through your headphones from time to time. It is, like most 'experimental' music, way too fucking long. It is really arty, I don't want to like this but it is the kind of thing that worms in and is weirdly enjoyable with the exception of the 3rd track which seems like the most blatant attempt at doing a 'banger' and suffers for it, It sounds like a not very good Leftfield song. If I was a stoner it would blow my tiny mind.

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