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Birdbath - Trumans Water


Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Ingue
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 19, 2013
4 songs of mathy post-harcore here. Or at least, what I consider to be mathy. I think you have to be super technical and complicated to be math(s?) these days. Birdbath rock back and forth on their heels in search of an unrelenting groove, and they do a pretty good job of finding it. They lock things down and keep an intent focus, I am appreciating what they are doing. It reminds me of the sort of thing you’d have found on Gringo Records 15 years ago. Bonus points for the family home recording (I assume?) of swearing Grandma on “Tomorrow We Will Run Faster”.

Trumans Water have been around the block but this is the first I have heard from them. This is pretty interesting stuff, a little disjointed and perhaps located near to Unwound on the musical spectrum. “Tetrgrammation” is mostly melodic but interspersed with bursts of peculiarity. It’s interesting but a little lacking, it’s fair enough if a band wants to dispense with obvious structure and experiment but sometimes they’d benefit from retaining it. This is one of those times. “Silvatacus” is more under-stated, with a spoken word part buried beneath the guitars, giving it a definite Slint-like feel. I preferred this track.

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