A horrible hack

Throwing Stuff


Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: YEAH! Records
Reviewed by MH on Jun 24, 2013
This is about twelve and a half minutes of riotous and raucous old school hardcore punk from the Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds area - a big catchment area but that's where the individual members reside. It could be a full length - there are 9 songs here. Whatever. They let you know what you're in for within seconds of the drums and guitars crashing in for the lumbering opener which is pretty much a call-and-response theme song with gang vocals of "Throwing Stuff" interacting with the vocalist's yells. The next song is a cover version of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" although I barely recognised it at first. The remaining eight or nine minutes carry on in the same vein - absolute chaos, yelling and fast, short songs. There is only one song that is longer than 2 minutes and the last song is a Napalm Death nod which lasts all of 7 seconds. The vocals are hoarse and energetic and sound like they are about to run out of voice at any second. Throwing Stuff sound like they're having an absolute blast. Probably a lot of fun live too.

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