A horrible hack

Death Letters

Common Prayers

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Silent Voice Records
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Aug 7, 2013
I like this bands name, and the vague concept behind this record is interesting too - one of the members found a prayer book in a junk shop, full of notes and bits and pieces written by the owner, on which note, the artwork and packaging are really good looking - I like it when a lot of effort has been put into an inlay. It starts with what sounds like a Coldplay song, goes into indie rock, and then the third song sounds like Cave In.

It is a weird record, I would say that the Cave In comparison seems the closest (mid Cave In obviously, its not metal), but then half the record is made up of Coldplay/Snow Patrol style inoffensive indie rock. There is a song later on on the record called 'The Daughter of a Diplomat' that weirdly reminds me of Korn! I bet the band won't be pleased with that, ha! Clearly itís not as shit as Coldplay, itís well written and played, I'm not sure that its my cup of tea though, I struggle with those kind of etheral vocals with 'rock' music, it all seems a bit dated. Personal taste I guess, it might be right up your street.

Couple of good post hardcoreish (in particular 'Nomadic Childhood', and 'In Lieu of Flowers' which has a lovely downtuned bit) songs but otherwise it doesn't really do it for me, the indie parts just are not great enough.

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