A horrible hack


A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands

Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: King Of The Monsters
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 3, 2013
To listen to the debut solo effort from Francesca Marongiu (also of Architeuthis Rex) is to enter a world of beautiful gloom: a misty, haunted place where it's only ever possible to take uncertain, faltering steps for fear of becoming forever lost in the spectral murk. Marongiu summons this eerie world into being via a series of morose drones and wan, devotional vocal lines, handling guitar, bass, drums, synths and vocals herself but for occasional assistance from Antonio Gallucci and the piano lines woven into 'Chymische Hochzeit' by Reto Mäder. While some of the chiming embellishments draped at the album's outer edges can at times sound a touch too heavy-handed it's nevertheless all rather lovely - lovely, that is, if you smile thinly at the thought of mingled ashes in an urn on your mantlepiece that were once True Widow, Pharmakon, Locrian and Low.

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