A horrible hack


Lost At The Bottom Of The World

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Creator-Destructor
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Oct 18, 2013
Galloping melodicore. This sort of thing was massive in the town i used to live in - like Strike Anywhere, some of those less gruff No Idea bands, and what have you. What can you say, do you like gruffish singing, but with Strung Out / Propagandhi style music? Welcome aboard.

There's some riffs that are a bit like that third Propagandhi album (or the last good thing they did as I like to think of it) in fact there's parts of the third song on this record that may be too close to actually being one of Propagandhi's songs but, you know, with gruff over the top.

I can't be too critical, I still love those first three Propagandhi records, and Strung Out had two good songs, (I fucking hate Strike Anywhere mind you) and this is as tightly played as it gets, I think i would like it more if it just wasn't so gruff. Oh and if there were less solos (when did solos become alright in punk rock?) This would play very well in Exeter, but not in my house.

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