A horrible hack


Never Work

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Rip Roaring Shit Storm
Reviewed by Gareth L on Nov 7, 2013
Now this is good. This is proper. I'm certainly no grind expert but the sheer range of vocal work the fella displays here is totally ridiculous, at times sounding pretty close to Love Lost But Not Forgotten's first album (!), at other times a bloated death growl low, as well as pretty much everything in between. Kind of amazing it's one guy.

Musically too there is a real sense of purpose here, slightly cheapened for me by the overuse of tracks lasting less than 5 seconds, but sounding rather stellar overall. 'Midget Death Riddle' is a standout for me, but the majority of the album is tight, well constructed and darn brutal. Not everything comes off, such as the more experimental 'Music From Universe' which seems somewhat misplaced, but no big deal.

After the studio album you also get a, to quote the band 'live set of the band playing the album to some sarcastic Welsh people in a small club in Cardiff'. Wish I was there!

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