A horrible hack


The Briefcase

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Nefarious Industries
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jan 2, 2014
Bass, drums and arghs - that's about what makes up this EP from Bangladeafy, and while the whole duo-making-a-racket thing mightn't be too fresh anymore you'd still be pretty hard pushed to say you'd heard anything quite like this lately. It's almost like the bassist from one of those proggy, jazz-infused djent bands had a meltdown and veered off on some mad Les Claypool / Crom-Tech / MRP / Buckethead tangent, compelled to form convoluted basslines that makes others want to claw great greedy handfuls of brain goop from their skulls and fling it laughingly at the wall. The drumming follows similarly crazy suit and the only reasonably standard elements are the intermittent yells which appear at unpredictable points throughout. While these don't exactly provide a salve for the lugholes they at least remind you that behind all the madness lurk a couple of humans rather than space beasts, demons or malfunctioning androids bent on world domination. And that has to be some sort of relief, right?

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