A horrible hack

Shonen Bat

No Competition

Year Released: 2013
Format: CD
Label: Otomo Recs
Reviewed by MH on Feb 3, 2014
This is a band I first stumbled across a few months ago when they impressed me with their four tracks on a split EP with Ulises Lima. On hearing that set of songs my first instinct was to download the rest of the stuff on their Bandcamp which I promptly did. By now, I should really know them inside out but apathy, Christmas and other inane activities have hindered my progress so I am coming at this new full length only really knowing those 4 songs from that split.

On to this new one then. From what I can tell it is their second LP and very nice it is too. The janglier sound of the guitars remind me of Polaris as do the vocals which have a drifting nature. The feel is almost lethargic but that's a compliment. The other band that springs to mind is mOck minus the experimental parts but Shonen Bat are a little rougher around the edges and all the better for it. It also fits in with what Bird Calls were doing musically on their Unreleased full length. Maybe not quite as chatty as that but similarly laid-back in its sound. This time I really will be checking out the rest of their back catalogue as this is rather good.

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