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This Is Peterborough Goes Forth

Year Released: 0000
Format: CD
Label: Rowdy Farrago
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Feb 21, 2014
A compilation of music from a single town? Cool, this is the sort of thing that hopefully gets passed around and results in a stronger music scene and attendance at gigs. It's the fourth album of its sort too which hopefully indicates that it's been successful. Or maybe I'm just far to optimistic about these sorts of things.

I'm not going to review every band but what we get is a mix of pop rock (ala Paramore) and punk, plus a few other genres are thrown in too. There's a fair bit of psych folk, for example. Full marks to Pennyless for uniqeness, playing an interesting folk mix. Stringfinger starts interesting until it goes into a pop rock chorus. The Destructors are back who I reviewed yesterday! The Astronauts play an interesting semi-chanting number though I'm not sure I could stomach much of them. The final song by Strangers in Space has its charms for sure. Overall the quality control is not high but there are a decent mix of bands here built on a solid premise.

21st February 2014

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