A horrible hack

John Porras

Light Divide

Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: Thrill Jockey
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Mar 6, 2014
This release from one half of Barn Owl plots rather murkier furrows through the more unsettling regions of minimalist electronica with dense, repetitive, droning loops burrowing deep into your mind like those worms at the beginning of Wrath of Khan.

Unlike Montalban, Porras has elected to forego prosthetic abdominal muscles and offer a much more honest artistic statement which welcomes and unsettles in almost equal measure. Throbbing, multi-layered sonics as seamlessly interwoven as the waves of the incoming tide, this contains little of the bright, shimmering beauty of Barn Owl, replacing it with a more inward looking spectral morass.

Perhaps not as complete as the mighty “Lost in the Glare,” this release offers a continuing insight into a mysterious, distant locale where few of us would be wholly comfortable.

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