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Incorporate the Excess

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Head Records
Reviewed by Gareth L on Mar 20, 2014
To me, much of 'Incorporate the Excess' was a thoroughly dichotomous experience. Let's start with the cover. Look at it. It's pretty small up there. Google Image Search it if you want a larger version of it. After studying it I seriously cannot decide if it is awful, or totally awesome. This album is also available on clear, rainbow splattered vinyl. Imagine how awfully awesome that thing looks!

The music created a similar response. Wait! No way did I think the music was equally good and bad - this CD is really great, but how can an album be equally tech and groovy, equal parts metal and hardcore, and feel too short yet have an unfortunate over-long instrumental final track? I'm still not quite sure, but this album does, and is, all of those things.

So the opening and closing track aside, we have about a quarter of an hour of destruction. Riffs begin and end, blastbeats come and go, and it is a superb way to spend 15 minutes. Heavy, uncompromising and unrelenting, 'Incorporate the Excess' absolutely blew away the cobwebs and probably killed the damn spiders too.

Perhaps most bizarrely of all, the vocalist's, uh, vocals remind me of the guy from Stampin' Ground. Teenage me thought they were super intense, who knows what I would have thought of Stuntman.

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