A horrible hack

the Unsemble


Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Ipecac
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Mar 27, 2014
One of the people in this band was in the Silver Jews, which automatically makes me like them. I like the colour silver and I also like Jews, so when the two combined, I was first in the queue and their song “The Frontier Index” from the album “The Natural Bridge” contains what is still one of my favourite lyrics nearly twenty years after I first heard it.

Boy wants a car from his Dad
Dad says, first you gotta cut that hair
Boy says, hey Dad Jesus had long hair
and Dad says
that's right son but Jesus walked everywhere

Anyway, this album is an instrumental offering of both structured and improvised music from a group of people quite obviously in little hurry to get anywhere in particular. Sufficiently interesting and diverse to avoid easy classification, this album is unlike anything I’ve ever heard and worth a listen from anyone planning to make a documentary about the internal workings of a sweet factory, for which it would provide an unbeatable soundtrack.

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