A horrible hack



Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Apr 7, 2014
Hark, it's Hark. Three men, one of whom formerly played in Taint and now does not. I could see these guys sitting equally comfortably in front of a crowd waiting for Mastodon, Clutch or Kylesa as Keelhaul or KEN mode: big, lumpy, riffy rock music full of howls that're part-way between Big Business and Pantera. Tricksy in places and sludgy in others, but with the overriding vibe of being played by simple, hairy men who love ROCK MUSIC. Think Led Zep, AC/DC and Cream, all heavied up and made as lairy and unwieldy as possible with everything cranked up to the point that the light fixtures are shaking loose and peoples' gums are spontaneously beginning to bleed. Particular props go to the ridiculously seasick riff that breaks up 'Breathe And Run', but to fair that's just one elephant-bollocked riff among many to gawp and point at. Go on, see for yourselves...

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