A horrible hack

Pure Graft

Casual Labour

Year Released: 2014
Format: 12" EP
Label: Everything Sucks Music
Reviewed by MH on Aug 13, 2014
The last time I reviewed Newcastle's Pure Graft on their split with Dude Jams I made reference to them sounding a little heavier than many of their gruff punk contemporaries and that is notable here again as the opening track kicks in. It's angry and powerful with a big line of "I'll be the one raising my fist and burning effigies". They carry on in that vein across this five track barrage and what's key here is that they don't forget the melodies amongst the grit, power and technical guitar work. It's nothing if not gutsy and if you liked that recent Bear Trade record and like a bit of Bangers you'll likely to want to get your ears around this too.

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