A horrible hack



Year Released: 2014
Format: CDR
Label: Vendetta - Indisciplinarian
Reviewed by Gareth L on Sep 9, 2014
If you like to put music into neat genres, this EP will seriously get to you. Is it crust? Well, it has elements of crust, some d-beats, but seems steeped in metal. Oh, so it's metal then? Um, not really. They are kind of sludgy and certainly very heavy, but too punk to be a metal band. Oh, okay, so they're a punk band? Definitely not, but they do have short, fast, angry songs. Hmm, they sound like they could be a hardcore band? Well, not really. And on and on. The accompanying press release says they are 'beyond genre descriptions' which is about as good as you're going to get.

This may or may not be the only music by a Danish band I have, and it pretty much destroys. Unrelenting, unapologetically political and at times downright unhinged, the first 5 tracks of this this 6-track EP fly by, barely leaving room for recovery. The last track slows things down and it's here the band really shine, displaying a bit of restraint and control but losing none of the claustrophobic rage present in the other songs, ending with a solid minute of feedback drenching the bitter end of this thing. Impossible to listen to without headbanging with at least a small amount of force, and almost impossible not to press play again once the album has come to an end.

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