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This Belongs To Us

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Glass Of Spit Recordings
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Sep 15, 2014
I reviewed one of this guys other records, and although well played and tuneful it didn't really do much for me. In fact I believe I may have rather cruelly called them 'an instrumental Biffy Clyro', so by rights Merridew should be hunting me down, torches and pitchforks in hand, ready to burn me at the stake.

I'm not sure if this EP is older than the other one (Fears that kindle hope), I think they were released at much the same time, but I like this one a great deal more. It sounds like 90's emo/post hardcore, and I guess it must remind of my past, because itís really enjoyable. A lot of octave use on the guitar, and plenty of stop start herky jerky bits. I'm really enjoying it, and surprising myself. I guess that's what getting old does, a longing for music that starts and stops a lot.

Oh and its all recorded by one chap, which is sickening really, I struggle to play one instrument let alone a whole bandís worth well.

Anyway if you used to enjoy Kids Near Water, Jetpak, Far, Copperpot Journals and the like, then you will enjoy this. Worth a listen.

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