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Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 10, 2014
Floor are a funny one. Always regarded them as a bit of a footnote in terms of the whole 90s sludge/pre-doom boom thing. I mean, sure, they did some decent stuff but compared to other releases on Bovine or Slap-A-Ham or whatever they were satisfying rather than world-smashing. This in mind, the sheer hype and excitement surrounding their reunion kinda threw me. Maybe the No Idea link had made them more popular than I'd imagined, or maybe Torche's much-deserved ascent had led people back down the breadcrumb trail and inevitably turned a bunch of 'em into revisionists and after-the-fact experts. Perhaps the world loved them and I just didn't read the right zines or visit the right messageboards. Who the heck knows or cares? Anyway, while my relationship with this band is conflicted, so it is with this record. In many ways it's fucking great. Like, really great. It sounds ENORMOUS and clumps out your headphones in a stupidly enjoyable manner. The riffs are big and bold, but the melodic vocals and warmth of sound lend things a muzzy, swaddled heaviness that make me feel like I'm being beaten with a mallet while I'm wrapped snugly in a duvet and just waking up. 'Find Away' is storming, while tracks like 'Sign Of Aeth' cut between woozy dreaminess and determined pounding. What's not to like, right? Nothing, that's what. But the problem comes when the record stops. Not in that I've-gotta-play-it-again sense, but in that it's like a switch being flipped: I automatically forget everything that just happened. I have been listening to it for months now on a reasonably solid basis, and this is still the case. I can perhaps recall a couple of bars of the aforementioned 'Find Away', but even then it's like a vague fragment of a song I once heard long ago. It should be glued up there, but instead it's like a goddamn ghost drifting around the empty rooms of my brain. But then I play the album again and it's like woah! We're back! And I'm clasped once more in its big hairy arms and we're all happy again and having a right old time. Maybe I just have some sort of problem. Like it hits a tone that sends me into this weird fugue state. Maybe I'm perpetrating heinous misdeeds under its influence; robbing grocery stores and defacing public monuments and things like that. I don't really know. I'll likely carry on listening to and liking it and then not remembering much about it, but I really don't know how much of a recommendation that is. Can you help me? Please?

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