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Vaaska - Impalers


Year Released: 2013
Format: 7"
Label: Beach Impediment
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Nov 5, 2014
Vaaska? Generally love 'em. This time around I just like 'em. Big, loud, bugger-off Spanish language d-beat. They do two songs here, and they're not too dissimilar to what they've done elsewhere. This recording maybe sounds a bit muffled (could just be my needle?) and I personally could have done with even more soloing, but then I am something of a peculiar beast. Their stuff's solid, but it sounds like their fire has been dampened ever so slightly and I'm none too sure why. Impalers are on the other side, and I don't think I've heard them before - kinda weird, really, since there's so much great hardcore coming out of Austin and I do what I can to keep up with it all. For me, they win this one. They're not a zillion miles away from what Vaaska are doing, but distinct enough to make you realise that there are indeed two different bands on this split. They sound tougher and surlier, and having one of their tracks called 'Fight 'Em All' doesn't exactly dispel this bovver boy image. 'Anyone' is probably the strongest track on here, though, a raging little hc number that rolls exactly like you want it to. They sound like they have elements of Discharge, Motörhead and Last Rights sloshing around, which means I was pretty much destined to get on with them. Overall? Like it, for sure.

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