A horrible hack

Ladder Devils

Clean Hands

Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: Brutal Panda
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Nov 7, 2014
Been a while since I last heard Ladder Devils, and they seem to have a more determined post-hardcore influence running through their noise-rock brew than I remember. If it's a development then it's a decent one, the songs catchier and more memorable while still retaining a hard, hefty punch. The thing that's been getting to me, though, is just who this undercurrent reminds me of. Quicksand? Hot Snakes? Science Of Yabra? Something Goldenrod? God knows, and it's really been driving me potty this last week or so. But that's my problem, not yours, so all you need to know is that the results are rather pleasing. The first three tracks serve as a particularly enjoyable opening salvo, and while my interest starts to wane towards the 'Feeling Is Natural' mark I'd still say this is a sturdy effort that fans of 90s post-hardcore, springy San Diegmo or the more tuneful end of AmRep should get on pretty well with.

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