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Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: Miyagi Records - Flight 13
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Nov 28, 2014
In German, Fluten means 'to flood', there's a good fact you can talk about next time your Somerset village is under water.

Fluten are from Hamburg, which after a cursory glance hasn't flooded of late. But it has experienced some huge fires throughout its history. Thank you to Wikipedia for learning me something.

The band are an electro-ish post hardcore band. Not horribly metal with shouted 'hardcore' breakdowns, so they don't fall into that horrible sound played by Hadouken or who ever (that name just popped into my head, itís a real band right? (yes it is, i just looked them up)). Its post hardcore early 2000 style with increasing amounts of dance punk as the album goes on. I can't fault the playing at all, its very solid, but I suppose you could say it's dated, it would have been really popular at one point, but it has fallen out of favour now.

Initially I was enjoying it but it soon faded into the background, I found it hard to concentrate on it. However the second side is weirdly a lot more listenable,and seemingly far more dancey. If I was somewhere when they were playing, I would watch the whole set and probably enjoy it, but I wouldn't go and buy their record. Itís no Q and not U. I love that German accent and language though.

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