A horrible hack

Una Bestia Incontrolable

Nou Món

Year Released: 2014
Format: 7"
Label: Iron Lung
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 18, 2015
More awesomeness from Una Bèstia Incontrolable. The title track here initially sounds a bit more straightforward and in control than anything on their LP, because on the face of it it's a fantastic, mid-paced surge that thumps around in the finest possible fashion. However, leering creepily amongst the big, pounding basslines and belligerent vocals are a whole bunch of scraping sounds and some chillier Joy Division elements that ensure things steer clear of rote and keep you on your toes. It's admittedly a tough act to follow, but the belter on the flip aptly takes up the challenge. This one offers up a wonky little intro before stepping up the pace and injecting more of those strange features into the mix, making for a raging, ripping brand of hardcore punk that's reassuringly familiar and disconcertingly odd all at once.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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