A horrible hack

The Great Sabatini

Dog Years

Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: Solar Flare
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Mar 3, 2015
Solar Flare is a great little label, having a knack for picking up horrible, hoary, noisy bands from all over the world and quietly tainting the water supply with them. Following Pigs, Watertank and Sofy Major come The Great Sabatini, a big, bedraggled, thoroughly rockin' mess of a band who fall somewhere between Keelhaul, High On Fire and Unsane. Huge, rust-coloured riffs grumble and groan, vocals gargle and a knack for marrying diversity with cohesion is displayed which ensures things hang together brilliantly whether they're rolling in the dirt or trying to take your off head with a punk-paced blaster. It's brilliantly fun and effectively summed up by the curious, mutant Muppet/My Pet Monster on the album sleeve: hairy, be-fanged and goggle-eyed but altogether rather charming.

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