Anarquia Vertical - Sistema Total De Liberación - 12

Labels: La Vida Es Un Mus
Review by: Alex Deller

First side: some chaotic, fiery punk rock, as you might expect from LVEUM. Vocals are booming and phlegmy; and while the music seems rudimentary there are moments of snaggly lead work that sound like a drunk teenager trying to replicate early Metallica solos. The ten tracks average around a minute apiece, so there’s zero flab and only just enough time to have your head twisted by the whole thing.

Second side: not what you might expect. This being: two glowering electronic pieces that allegedly take the other side’s music as source material before atomising it and whisking together a fresh new shiny hell that’s vaguely reminiscent of Brad Fiedel’s Terminator score. This was perpetrated by Hagal of the band Destino Final, and while it’s stylistically a million miles away it also serves as a more-than-effective accompaniment to Anarquía Vertical’s raw material.