Weird n’ wild Gunma punk that starts off in a way you might expect before veering off in directions you definitely wouldn’t. The first five tracks bear out the mentions of Aburadako and The Stalin in their bio: frantic, unhinged and untamed, the songs careen from pillar to post with multiple vocalists and a seemingly haphazard approach to their punk that belies an ultra-tight togetherness. It’s with 嘘八百 that things go fully hatstand, however, with dub, psych and indie rock influences not so much creeping in as jumping naked through the living room window. 倒錯, for example, occupies a kind of smoky, spaghetti western-infused pop territory, while 夜明ケハ未ダカ? comes across like overwrought classic rock being drunkenly belted out in a post-apocalyptic karaoke bar. Dead Kennedys, Angry Red Planet, The Saints and Blind Idiot God are some of the saner comparisons that spring to mind, and while it’s all notionally bonkers it also somehow works. Quite how they’ve pulled it off I couldn’t begin to tell you, but I’ve had a lot of fun spinning the record and trying to figure it out – maybe you’ll have a blast with it too.