Been kinda faffing with this one. Initial spins left me a bit cold, and it was only the insistent prodding of older, sounder folk that led me to give it another go. And another go. And another, until, when it finally clicked, I couldn’t stop listening to the damn thing. After an intro that sounds like it’s going to descend into some sort of mysterious, Dystopia-esque nightmare fodder things erupt into full, glorious life: a charging, dynamic blast of rattly hardcore peppered with shards of post- and anarcho punk. Despite the short songs and seemingly simple set-up it feels like there’s a lot to take in, with each song carelessly throwing off moments of brilliant surprise that catch you off guard every time you hear them. Elements like the full-blooded aaaaaaaghhhh!!!!!!!!s of ‘Juokse Kovempaa’; the ridiculous, tearing guitar part that barges its way into ‘Kaaos Sakenee’ and the brief bubble of golden ebullience that bursts into ‘Väkivaltaa’ have all knocked me for six time after time, with this record somehow reminding me of Exit Order, Valse Triste and Kafka Prosess all at the same time – an odd trio of great names, and ones that I don’t drop lightly.