Banner Pilot - Pass the Poison - CD (2006)

Labels: Arsenic Records
Review by: Andy Malcolm

Two of these fellas played in Rivethead! Coo. Rivethead sadly left us with very little music (presuming they have split up), so its good to know that Banner Pilot are ready to pick up the ball and then belt it over the wall into their neighbours garden. The music is a lot tighter than the ‘head, coming on strong with crunching riffage and snarled vocals, doing a great job with the melodic punk deployed by the likes of the Lawrence Arms – sweat drenched, fists in the air shenanigans all the rage. They plough through the 8 songs at a torrid pace, delivering all the power, energy and tunes that you desire from this style of punkage. Its all here, in the right place and done properly to boot. There’s a fun Buzzcocks cover as a bonus, although its nothing surprising.

Can’t fault this at all, SMOKIN’!