Collective-Zine was started as an outlet for learning HTML and writing music reviews by Ian Cavell way back in 1997, when Ian was studying computer science at Southampton University. His mate Andy Malcolm thought this sounded like fun and asked if he could write some too. And what you see here is the results of that little project.

We are mostly interested in covering DIY music in it’s various forms but with a preference for hardcore, punk, emo and indie rock among our current writers. We have a very small number of active writers these days and are tending to focus on music we buy ourselves, digital submissions are considered lowest priority for us at present. However if you would like to send something in for review (physical or digital) the contact address is:


If you are interested in contributing please get in touch. You probably noticed there are no ads on here so the site generates no income, all contributions are voluntary which I appreciate is a lot to ask these days.

Please do not add us to your mailing list without permission as this breaks European GDPR laws.

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