Zero Gain - Slow Thinking - 12

Labels: Best Stuff – Echo Canyon – Gestalt – No Glory – Rotten Eggs
Review by: Andy Malcolm

This looks like a Kerosene 454 record. What other website in 2014 is going to review a record and tell you that eh? None, I tell you what. That’s why you’re still here. Anyway, it doesn’t sound precisely like that, but it is definitely of that spirit. 90s post hardcore, lots of melody blended in with brawny yet brainy guitars like Burning Airlines perhaps. Great vocals. 45 arr pee emms. 7 songs, Zero Gain just get on with it, playing some of the most horribly out of fashion music I have heard in ages, luckily for them I am also horribly out of fashion and very excited to be listening to this kind of punk rock. Who is buying this record in 2014? Just old dudes like me I guess, people who want to listen to straight up solid music and some how never got bored of it. Basically it’s just the exact kind of record you could have sent me at any time in the past 16 years and guaranteed yourself a good review – a style of music I never tired of.

Get on this if most of your record collection sells for £3 / ┚¬4 / $5 on discogs.