Brotherhood - Til Death - LP (2014)

Labels: Southern Lord
Review by: Sean Haughton

can we agree that in 2014, it’s very much a clear scientific fact that almost all youth crew hardcore is bad? we’re adults here, we don’t have to pretend. average/bad youth crew comes across ten times more stale than almost any other musical genre. you kind of feel like you’re being treated like a moron by the people playing it. i could guarantee confidently the kind of person buying this record is 100% the same kind of person allowing BOLD and whatever half-baked collection of ringers are pretending to be the cro-mags this week to play shows year in year out. do you really want to spend your time listening to 11 songs of totally leaden youth of today rip offs played by the guy from SUNN O))) when he was 18? who was really desperate for this to be released? i tried listening to this 3 or 4 times and on the last attempt had to open up ‘wolfpack’ by DYS, ‘glue’ by SSD and the turning point discography on youtube to actually break up the monotony of it all.