If you’ve gotten used to Eric Wood’s rekindled love affair with those whinnying MITB bass motifs then too bad, because this split release sees little beyond bent circuits, twiddled knobs and the occasional ether shriek. Nice. Not to be outdone, Brutal Truth ditch their trademark grind onslaught for some riff-free burbles of their own, their 18-minute opus ‘Control Room (Peace Is The Victory Mix)’ a perfect case in point, being a slow-to-form drone bubble which is underscored by needling feedback. It gradually builds towards a muffled, percussive clamour and shows there’s infinitely more to this lot than blastbeats and meth-mangled brutality. Not, of course, that you ever even doubted it. Just to lob some more confusion into the pot is the difference between releases, as the CD and LP versions both feature different sets. My money’s on the LP since the tracks seem more dynamic and altogether more worrying, though if you contemporize and go digital you get the whole dang lot to choose between. Bargain, like.