Was hipped to this lot by a friend who saw them in Southampton and said they had “strong Sarah Kirsch energy.” Those words are like catnip to me, and this ten-track cassette certainly delivers the goods: urgent, spiky punk rock that takes the Revolution Summer pattern and loads it full of jitters, neuroses and modern-day anxieties. The music jangles and scratches, rattling away until the pent up pressure threatens to shake everything to pieces. Vocals are a mix of strained yelps and hollers, with the main yelper/hollerer frequently joined by a group of pals whose back-ups help swirl together an electric mix of pain, joy, sadness and desperation. The mix is, of course, an excellent one, so if you’ve got a thing for the likes of Torches To Rome, Jawbreaker, 12 Hour Turn and Gray Matter circa ‘Take It Back’ then do yourself a favour and check this lot out, pronto.