In a kinder, more just world Andy Malcolm would be reviewing this disc. Sadly it is a cruel and terrible place, so you get me instead. 

As per other instalments in this series, volume five pairs two complimentary artists peddling new(ish) takes on old(ish) emo, and either of these acts could sit comfortably alongside the likes of Haelah, Ida or Very Secretary on one of those old Tree Records splits. 

Futurina provide three songs, and, for me, they’re the more engaging proposition. They play a type of poppy indie-emo that’s pretty but taut and rarely gets any noisier than some very mild, tasteful distortion. Bands like Rainer Maria, Pohgoh, The Warren Commission and Jejune all come to mind: wistful, slightly sad, but with a subtle bounce about them when required. 

“Elliott Green” definitely sounds like the name of a band who might have appeared at The Verge alongside Sunfactor and The Autumn Year circa 1999, but is, I think, a single person. Objectively speaking the two songs here are Very Nice Indeed – the vocals are clear and pure; guitar parts are pretty and gently reverbed – but I don’t particularly connect with them. It’s not active dislike per se, they just sort of drift past me like one of those indie songs that’s been slowed down and made glum for a John Lewis commercial.