Centrifuge - Carnival/Carnivore - 7

Labels: Workhorse
Review by: Andy Malcolm

Now, I know Phil who does the label that this 7″ was released on which makes it a little hard to review something he puts out. But I shall try to be objective. This is chunky post-hardcore with a definite rock influence in there. I guess in the 90s there was quite a bit of spinning off from hardcore into a more rock oriented sound what with Sunny Day Real Estate and all that. And that influence is still felt today. So Centrifuge riff and rock their way through two straight forward numbers that very much remind me of something that I can’t pin down perhaps it’s a slightly grungey in the fashion of a band like Thirty Ought Six for example. There are traces of the more modern sound you might associate with Dischord bands from the late 90s onwards with the music being slightly mathy at times and grooving the bass. It’s tight powerful and strongly played. Not my favourite sound but these guys do a good job with what they’ve got and it should definitely appeal to some. “