tKatKa - Lazerslab - CD (2006)

Labels: 100m Ltd.
Review by: Andy Malcolm

We don’t really get sent much electronica type music for review, and my own preference for the style tends to be the more minimal type shenanigans that you put on when you want to listen to some music and read a book at the same time. Anyways, the first song of two here seems to be a pretty solid stab at something that would have been a sound track for an Amiga game, if the Amiga came out in the 21st century. It beats and belches, a nice blend of melodic electronic noise and ambient sounds. Maybe similar to something like Eu? Though I haven’t listened to that in bloody ages so I might have forgotten what it sounded like. The second seems a little more rock or post punk based in structure, and is slightly less appealing to me, having a more bleak early 80s feel to it. Still, it is not bad at all and over its duration I started to enjoy it more.

Just a shame that there is only two tracks here, as I would have been interested to hear more and see where they take things over the length of a full lp.