Lebatol - Four By Ninety Four - CD (2003)

Labels: Function
Review by: Tony Era

I couldn’t give a toss if this band have been on mtv or radio one or in kerrang (and a rubbish review at that!) when will people learn, NONE of those things make a band good. If I hear one more release when the people have obviously not read the reviews policy I’m gonna go beserk. Nobody who read this website cares about anything apart from attitude and music.

Anyway all of that aside this band is still shit. Absolutely terrible screetchy out of tune vocals (I know quirky sometimes but believe me not here), hopeless production and how much passion…..oh yeah zilch!

Stay well clear of this band, ten a penny slightly heavy indie music that is nothing new or remotely good.

Coincidently if anybody wants anything I have reviewed just email me and ask. I got them for free and so can you. Things I dont like may as well go to a good home because otherwise they go straight in the bin.

So isn’t the weather horrible? Postage gone up again, it’s terrible isn’t it? Well it’s better than talking about this band.