Labels: Reincarnate
Review by: Luke Younger

The Blood Brothers, giving weedy hardcore kids an excuse to be camp since god knows whenever. This is The Blood Brothers major label debut produced by that californian(?) dude Ross, the man behind such brutal releases as the first Slipknot and Korn albums. And it’s not massivley different to their last one either, which is a good thing by the way because their previous release “March on Electric Children” was the fucking shit. It’s slightly poppier, but still pretty hectic. I don’t know, I’m still reeling from their awesome show at the garage in London last night to be honest so I can’t be arsed to write much more. It was such a great gig, they played “Doctor Doctor” and I stage dived for the first time ever. So as a closing note, if you like Skitsystem, Zounds or Born Dead Icons, you will probably not like this record, but I do like this record quite a bit so I don’t massivley care! Next!