Labels: hopscotch
Review by: Shawn Cameron

after a great seven inch on hopscotch finally a full length. to begin, within the first paragraph you should understand how amazing this record is. a great emo violence lp which does not run on 45 rpm! amazing. there are ten songs, with my favorites being the first [rescue!] and the last [jennifer] being my favorites. the blood brothers sing about, surprise! blood and doctors. with lyrics such as “you don’t need a doctor baby, you need a mortician” you cannot go wrong. unlike ink and dagger the theme does not wear thin but rather complements the emotions.

the blood brothers have members from waxwing, which if you are familiar with, you would not see a connection. understandably they are from seattle where musicians are limited. my taste leans towards the aggressive side of the blood brothers rather than the indie rock “genius” that is waxwing.

they have two vocalists [one whom sings, one who screams]. and the effect is amazing. although they seldomly sing in unison the atmosphere is much more intense. it’s hard to define the effect but it is both original and wonderful. i would compare the singer as similar to “hot rod todd” of le shok and the screamer similar to orchid. fortunately for me, and hopefully you the reader, this is a match made in heaven/hell.

if you live in north america [specifically the western portion] count your lucky stars. a tour with the blood brothers, orchid and the red scare is being finalized. the blood brothers lp matches up to last years great “chaos is me” lp from orchid, of not, dare i say, better. beautiful white vinyl for the first five hundred copies. off topic, it seems the best records of late are on white vinyl [the faint, black cat #13 and milemarker].