Labels: Sub Pop
Review by: Chris Bress

Wow! I had seen this in the racks at work for a while and was mildly interested to hear a band with members of Modest Mouse, Red Red Meat and the Black Heart Procession but when a co-worker put this on I was blown away. To top it off, this record just gets better and better. It looks fantastic, with bizarre artwork and lovely etched double gatefold vinyl! Mmmmmm! Some of the tracks on here are just beautiful and are miles better than any of their other bands (I was never that impressed by Modest Mouse but after this I’m going to track down some more of their stuff).

The songwriting is up there with the chap from Three Mile Pilot and Pinback (Ugly Casanova are, to me, the meeting points of those two bands). This is such a quality indie rock record, it makes everything else sound shit and contrived (even if one song sounds a lot like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers). This is perfect. The last track on the first side makes me want to blub like a big baby.

So awesome to see Sub Pop getting great again with this, the new Mudhoney, Makers and Shins records.