The candle burned out long before… Oh yeah, Bullets*In. Four songs. They rage. So this is amazing, hard hitting, politicised hardcore with hoarse vocals, instruments bludgeoned into submission, and some kind of rampant melody clinging on by the fingertips in every song. Such a rush, a surge of pure energy and ferocity. It’s strange to think that you don’t seem to hear anything that sounds remotely similar to Mike Kirsch’s endeavours, it is such a great style of music but perhaps it is just a tough one to nail. Bullets*In don’t just nail it though, they use that big drill thing that construction companies use for making huge holes in the ground.

This 7″ features songs called Reeling and Compelled. That pretty much sums up my feelings on the music here. Bullets*In are now finished and will likely be consigned to obscure music blogs of 10 years time when old timers will reminisce and the new kids will download the songs in 30 nanoseconds direct to their iLOBE consuming each song once before telepathically posting their “Mehs” and “WOAHS” on some god forsaken BBS. We will miss the old days more than ever.”