New Ruins - The Sound They Make - CD (2007)

Labels: A Hidden Agenda
Review by: Andy Malcolm

I rather stumbled into New Ruins, after reading a post on a forum made by the mighty Roy Ewing (Braid, Very Secretary, Days in December) that he was in a new band. And they were New Ruins. Roy doesn’t actually appear to play on this record, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up this album as it is one of my favourites from the past twelve months and I would heartily recommend it regardless of the non-presence of an emo legend! Rachel Dietkus (also of Very Secretary) apparently crops up in the band from time to time too, which is nice.

The opening song “Ships” is certainly my favourite on the CD, and sets out the bands poppier side, a buzzing 2 and a half minute slice of perfect poppy emo, with slack vocals and catchy melodies that bring to mind the excellent debut EP from Pop Unknown. After that songs fizzes by, you get drawn into the other side of the band, their more laidback and quieter style – introducing acoustic and folk elements. Despite losing the heftier nature of the sound, you still get treated to excellent tunes like “Flowers”, which eases into earshot with strummed guitar and cello, building up to enjoyable repetition. Another stand out song on a consistently solid record. I do prefer the slightly more filled out songs, “Book Lung” being another repetitious midwest indie / emo number, with great vocals that compliments the simple play of the instruments, featuring a great drop out into the twinkles before bouncing back. Sublime. I also should mention the driving “Attic”, harking back to the late 90s bands. A much missed style for me.

Damn fine CD, and I am looking forward to hearing what comes up next.