Thou - To Carry A Stone - 7

Labels: Noxious Noize
Review by: Alex Deller

Thou’s “œTyrant” LP struck me as rather a sack of crap but I was prepared to give “˜em the benefit of the doubt since so many folks seem to hold them in high esteem. Unless I’ve gone and picked myself another dud, I can only come to one conclusion: everyone is wrong and I am right, because this is yet more painfully turgid slop. “œThey Stretch Out Their Hands” is doom metal by numbers, trundling its way through large, slovenly riffs and murky black metal rasps like so many third-tier numpties before them. Elsewhere, “œThe Road Of Many Names” is even fucking worse, starting off in slightly more sprightly fashion with some awkward mid-paced riffing, flailing around haphazardly before deciding to lark about with some ill-advised melodies, leaving anyone still paying attention with the sense that they’ve drearily wasted another ten minutes of life along with four whole hard-won dollars.